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“Off my meds and able to do the things I want to do!”
“No longer out of breath just tying my shoes”
“Goodbye knee pain”
“In control of my diabetes”
Don’t Let the Season’s Bad Habits Stick Around
Imagine starting the year with a fantastic feeling 
of self-worth, renewed confidence, and much more...  
  • Worried about the holiday weight gain          staying until Spring?
  • Hoping to impress that special someone                on Valentine’s Day?
  •  In need of a nudge to get back in shape as          the weather warms up?
  •  Nervous about your beach body for                         an upcoming getaway?
If you want to blast your belly fat, lose the love handles, torch the flab, 
and fix the damage the holiday’s did, KEEP SCROLLING...
“Off my meds and able to do the things I want to do!”
“No longer out of breath just tying my shoes”
“Goodbye knee pain”
“In control of my diabetes”
It’s Arrived: The Journey Winter 
Fat Loss Challenge - Our Premium Fitness Program Designed To Get You Toned, Lean, & Tight Before The Warm Weather Arrives!
“Off my meds and able to do the things I want to do!”
“No longer out of breath just tying my shoes”
“Goodbye knee pain”
“In control of my diabetes”
If you don’t take care of you NOW, the poor choices of late can snowball into 
bad habits that are nearly impossible to break.
“Off my meds and able to do the things I want to do!”
“No longer out of breath just tying my shoes”
“Goodbye knee pain”
“In control of my diabetes”
Get back in the groove and looking your best while everyone else is packing on pounds, caught up in the chaos of the season, and battling stress. 

Blast the bloat from the cocktails, cookies, and chaos, and get your confidence back. You can’t hide underneath layers of clothes much longer.

Don’t start from scratch this spring. Ditch the stress and self-doubt and swap extra pounds and stubborn body fat for long, lean muscles NOW. 
Here’s your limited-time discount:
$197 NOW ONLY $97!
$19.95 value
① Instantly transform your body into a fat-burning furnace! 

This exclusive nutrition guide gives you the experts tips and tools to find the foods that will help chisel your body.  

It's our #1 resource that practically guarantees you slim down (as you love what you eat)!  
② Turn your body into a sexy, lean, fat-burning inferno! You'll get 3 packets of Keto-Max ($27 value)...our revolutionary fat-burning aid that will literally melt your fat away. Guaranteed!
③ Chances are you’re hiding underneath layers of clothes because you're not eating the right things. 

Your 3 free Shakeology shakes ($27 value) will give you a power-punch of superfoods and essential nutrients without any extra effort! 
“Off my meds and able to do the things I want to do!”
“No longer out of breath just tying my shoes”
“Goodbye knee pain”
“In control of my diabetes”
Women are constantly judging each other. 

Whether you’re making a presentation in the boardroom or considering clothing (dare we say bathing suit) to wear on vacation. But what’s worse?

Your greatest nemesis is that evil voice hissing in your head. Making you feel helpless. Telling you that you’re overweight, time has passed you by, and you’re not in control of your life. 

Yes, you’re busy... 

Time crunched and stressed out with life’s daily struggles. But you don’t have to be a victim of negative self talk. Or worry how you’ll ever find the time for some vital self-love.

‘Eat Your Heart Out Baby!’
You can get your sexy back... 

Faster than you ever thought possible! You're worth it, too – you can have what you want, because strong is always in style.

You don’t have a lot of time in your day, and in only one fun-filled hour you can reveal a firm, toned, head-turning figure which will really get them talking. 

Defeat that devil on your shoulder and take back control. 

All with the support and encouragement of professionals, just like you – with focus and GPS-like direction from coaches who truly care about getting you results. 
  •  Initial consultation with a certified coach to assess your limitations and fitness goals
  •  Two weeks of unlimited group personal training
  •  Choice of any one of our five welcoming facilities
  •  Food journal program to help you track your calories
And Right Now, While Supplies Last:
(Don’t Wait, VERY limited):
  •  3 FREE Shakeology Shakes. These shakes have 41 super foods in them and are designed to make sure your body stays nourished and satisfied while losing weight.
  •  3 FREE Keto Max Drinks and with just one drink your body will be in Ketosis in 30 minutes. That means your body will be switching gears into a fat burning machine in just 30 minutes.
Hi, I'm Travis Barnes...
We all have done stupid things in our life (like not having a solid plan to stay healthy).

I’ve had my share of plans that had to be changed in my life. After 10 years in prison and paying my dues to society, I embarked on my mission to share the life lessons I learned on how we can be better people. 

It was in prison that I actually discovered one of the greatest life lessons ever: fitness can change lives. 

It did for me while I was in prison and it will for you on the outside.
I decided when I got out I would pay society back…and pay forward what I learned to others, so I started my first gym...but it got flooded, and I had to live in a FEMA trailer…come hell or high water nothing was going to stop my family from doing good...In prison I learned that you don’t stop at the first setback in life anymore. You persevere.   
Since that day 6 years ago, we’ve gone on to build 5 fitness studios, help thousands of lives with our signature “JOURNEY Weight Loss Systems” and helped hundreds more turn their lives around by getting off their meds so they can live better, move better….and feel better inside and out. 

It’s our mission now to help you prepare for any season of life. 

But, right now….I want you to fast forward to this summer...

...the warm weather is right around the corner.  

Are you ready? I don't want you to suffer the pain and embarrassment of having to hide your body and wonder if people are judging you while everyone else is enjoying the warm weather.

Life is too short for that.

Instead of trying to suddenly transform your body last minute...then resorting to crash diets, living on a treadmill or starving yourself (while feeling uncomfortable in your own skin)...why not make feeling your best a priority today?
We don't want you to feel uncomfortable, run down, embarrassed, and discouraged this summer! 

We want you to confidently ditch the layers, toss on your swimsuit and strut your stuff! It’s time to get ahead of the game and avoid the last-minute nonsense that never works.
Honestly, that's why we started Journey Fitness...  

We designed all our workouts so you can drop the excess weight TODAY and shock your friends, family and significant other. You’ll be one of the few and proud who doesn’t have to use extreme methods and waste the warm weather trying to get back in shape. 

Imagine avoiding the stress of last-minute exercise and crash diets hoping for an overnight transformation before summer starts…

Get ready to experience extreme confidence and validation this year after committing to change early.

Plus, your significant other will be sneaking a peak as you turn heads and brim with confidence.

And friends, family, and strangers will be showering you with compliments and wondering what you did.

It's all possible IF you register for our Winter Fat Loss Program today.

This program is engineered to help you drop unwanted pounds and keep it off in only 6 weeks.
Only you can use winter to kickstart your summer transformation...

It's time to break your cycle of getting up, going to work, gorging on foods you know are unhealthy, and going to bed... 

Elevating your health (and confidence) is easy if you simply carve out a little time (we even teach you how)...and join a community who supports you.

But the real reason you should jump in our challenge...


You deserve to have a tight, toned, and lean body you can show off all year long!

Yet you only get it if you decide RIGHT NOW that you want something better for yourself this year.

Stop making excuses like 'I can afford to wait' or listening to people who say 'you're trying too hard'. You deserve to feel healthy, confident, and happy NOW.   

The best part...we're here to support you on your journey to living, feeling, and looking your best!
Here's What You Can Look Forward To When You Start The Challenge...
  •  Tighter belly, hips and thighs!
  •  See your flab melt from your arms and legs!
  •  Get lean and toned (never bulky)!
  •  Feel stronger and full of extra energy!
  •  A more stable and positive daily mood!
  •  Make friends who support you (our community is #1)!
  •  Look stunning in your swimsuit and best party dress!
  •  See the numbers on your scale tick down, not up!
  •  Build healthy, lean muscle that turns your body into a fat melting machine!
Our Most Exciting Challenge Ever!
Our unique “Journey Weight Loss System’ Challenge is our favorite challenge for a reason...


There's a catch...

We have LIMITED SPOTS.  Once they're filled, you can't join us.  Why not have one of those spots be yours?

If you're serious about getting in shape, feeling confident, boosting your energy and mood... 
All day long...

Then this is the challenge for you!  

We've lowered the price to only $97, so there's no better time to sign up and get the lean, sexy body you deserve.  

Summer is almost here!
All day long...

Then this is the challenge for you!  

Spring will be here before you know it! 
Our Clients Get Results (And So Can You!)
Ready for quick results?  

At Journey Fitness, we know you want to turn heads and feel great as quickly as possible. 

That's why all our workouts feature our 'Journey Jumpstart' to get your metabolism burning...and fat dripping off!  Imagine how sexy you're going to feel in 6 weeks!  Melt off those excess inches and pounds.

It all starts when you start your journey today!
"I lost over 35 pounds"
"Unstoppable Confidence!"
"Toned and Feeling Fit"
"I lost over 55 pounds"
"Never Felt Better"
Have Questions Or Want To Enroll By Phone? (607) 735-0333 
Available to New Clients Only. Offer limited to only one program per person. Offer only available to local residents. Cannot be combined with any other offer. We are not liable for any injuries before, during, or after your workout, but we do our best to keep you safe anyway. If you care to see our full policy, click here. This Challenge is available Online Only.  

We pride ourselves in being honest and open. As such, Journey Fitness has made every possible effort to provide accurate information on this page. However, we do not guarantee any specific results from our program, as results may vary based on the time, effort and commitment that you invest into a fitness program.

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